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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dennis!!

Today my oldest grandson, Dennis, would be 18. Happy Birthday Dennis.
He's been gone for 4 years now and we miss him soooo much.
We found out he had leukemia AML M7 in July of 2003 and 6 months later he was gone.
I only wish and pray that no other child ever has to suffer from this disease.
If you ever want to donate to a good cause please consider the Leukemia-Lymphoma organization.
Even a $5 donation will help. Research is our only hope of curing leukemia.
The Make a Wish Foundation is also a good place to donate.
They sent Dennis and his Mom and Dad and sisters and brother, to Disneyland for a week. That is what Dennis chose as his wish but there are a lot of things that the kids can wish for and get to do. I and my other daughter Tina and her hubby drove down to Disneyland and met up with Dennis and family and we all had a wonderful time there. We made some great memories of Dennis having lots of fun even while he was so sick.
And also a great place to donate is your local Hospice
In Dennis' last days the Hospice folks came in his home and helped his Mom greatly.
His last days were calm and peaceful and when he passed away he wasn't in any pain.
Writing all this brings back all those memories and my heart feels so heavy, like a big boulder is sitting on my chest.
So I will close this post with simply saying, We love and miss you Dennis, Happy Birthday hon.
With love from your Mema.

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