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Thursday, December 13, 2007

a Happy Birthday

Well Dec 12th was my 58th birthday and I had a wonderful day. I got a great new coffee mug and gift card from Starbucks and a super pair of slippers from my Rue & hubby and kids
and I got one of those way cool digital photo frames from my Tina & Dade and kids.
And hubby got me the most beautiful bouquet of roses with oriental lillies.
And Rue baked me a pineapple upside down cake. And hubby bought a big spread of Chinese food. yummmmm
All my kids and grandkids were here and I was happy.
For a surprise for the grandkids we bought that Rock Band game and stuff for them to play with over here. It comes with drums and a guitar and a mic and the video game.
We all had a ball with it.
I highly recommend a 58th bd for all of you!!
Hugs Patt

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Jan said...

Yay another December B'day!!! So glad you signed up on the Pay it Forward on my site. Happy belated B'day - Jan H (MA)