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Thursday, November 29, 2007

those sneaky projects

This always happens to me. I will be working hard on one or more projects, trying hard to get them finished and out of the corner of my eye I will see something interesting on my computer. Hey! What's this?

Oh that would look sooooo cute on so and so. I have just got to cast on for it before I do anything else.!!

And before I know it, I am thumbing thru my needles looking for the right size and scrambling to my yarn stash (only a tiny part of which I can even get to) to find just the yarn for this project. And off I go, casting on feverishly before the pattern disappers and I will lose this chance of a life time. BEcause we all know that if you don't start the item immediately, you lose your chance forever!!! Or at least that's how I am thinking while doing all of the thumbing and scrambling and casting on of stitches and the poor items I had been working on are thrown to the side until my fever starts to subside and my mind becomes clearer.

Does all this mean that I am a knitting addict? YES YES. I admit it.

Hi my name is Patt and I'm a Knitict. And I just started another project that my new grandson Cole just has to have. An Earflap hat!!! Just like the one in the above photo except I'm using a blue yarn as Cole is a boy and blue is a good color for him.
Ok gotta get back to it.

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