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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

awwwww Mia loves me.

So I'm talking to my daughter Tina, she's my baby!! Anyway I told her to tell Mia, her daughter , 2 yrs old, that Mema says she loves her. And for the first time ever she said, Loves you too Mema!!!! Then she said she loves her Mommy!! Tina was so happy to finally hear her say that. Isn't that the sweetest thing in the world. Her is a photo of Mia gurl, she's my princess gurl, and my heart!!
LOve me some Mia! oh and soon Mia will have a new baby brother. He is due in the middle of Oct. !! can't wait to hold that bundle of love. He doens't have a name yet and I hope they name him soon or he will be called Fetus for the rest of his life. lol hahahahah just kidding Tina bo bina!!

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