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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Princess Mia Bella's Birthday July 2

This is Mia Bella's 2nd birthday party. Her Mom and Dad own an ice company and live in Napa Valley CA and of course she had to be born in the most busiest time of the year. So now on her birthday her mom and dad have to rush home after working their butts off and have her party. They were pooped by the time it was over and Mommy Tina is pregnant so she was even more pooped. This time of year daddy has to work like 60 days straight with no days off. Why??? cuz he owns the company and that's what you do. lol
Anyway Mia enjoyed the day and all her cousins there and all the dolls and toys she got. I think she got 4 dolls and a bunch of balls and puzzles cuz she loves all that stuff.
I'm going up there on Friday to spend the day with her. Makes me happy and that's what counts.
byeeee for now.

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