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Sunday, June 10, 2007

What do you think about this great tank??

We have been looking for a fish tank for the last few weeks and I just found this on craigslist last Friday. So when hubby got home I showed it to him and he said ok let's get it. So we did!! I have never even seen a double hexagon tank before but now I know they have all sorts of new shaped tanks.
Anyway I just love this one. We got it with everything even 4 fish!! We bought 10 more fish to make the tank more lively. We have Gouramis and swordtails and well mostly gouramis. Even some little pink ones that will grow bigger and not be so pink I guess, called kissing gouramis.
Can you tell I don't know much about fish???? lol bet I'm gonna learn a lot now.
Our dog Rayo is not impress with them at all..

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