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Saturday, March 24, 2007

on going kitchen renovations

We have the tinest kitchen, I swear, but we have tried to make it look nice. When my oven died, hubby decided it was time to upgrade the rest of the kitchen. So far he has torn down the breakfast bar that we never used except for clutter and the microwave.
Thats him starting on it in the top photo.
Then he took off counters and sink and reinforced all the insides and put in new plywood on top.
NExt day guys came with the granite countertops and installed them. We had the bathroom counter top done as well and also got a granite top to use as a tabletop that hubby is going to make.
Hubby got the plumbing done and appliances all hooked up. ie counter cook top, and oven. Then he decided to take out the flooring he had put in 2 yrs ago. I love that flooring. Then he decided to paint the back of the cabinets and put in shelf paper. The drawers are done and the new knobs and draw pulls are in. The table is done. Now he has to paper the shelfs, put the dishes back in and pots and pans, then do the pantry closet which needs more shelfs as well and put down a new tile floor. The kitchen should all be done by then. Then we can arrange our livingroom again and get it cleared of all his tools and spare pieces of wood. Sooner or later I know my home will be comfy and clean again. just hope it happens soon.

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