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Monday, August 28, 2006

A little venting

I am just wondering what has become of courtesy? Do you remember when businesses wanted you to come visit their stores so bad that they trained their personnel to be friendly and helpful to customers? I remember, but that memory is getting vague.
Here's what I mean. A few days ago, hubby and I went into an Apple store. you know, as in apple computers, laptops, ipods? Having acquired an ipod, we were looking for another way to charge it besides hooking it up to our computer. The man at the store told us that the only way to charge the batteries was to hook it up to puter. We strolled around the store and found an isle with nothing but accessories to charge the ipod; from your car and from the wall and many others such items. These items were about 1 foot away from the cashier that told us there was no other way. HELP ME!! Why is he working there and giving out advice if he doesn't know anything about ipods????
Next, my sis and I went to Walmart looking for some varnish. In the paint dept, here was a guy mixing paint. Asked if he knew where the varnish was kept, he pointed to a few isles over from him. We went over there and looked and looked, and nope, no varnish. We went back to where man was mixing paint and low and behold, there was the varnish not 5 feet away in the isle right next to the guy. Again HELP ME!!
And my sis and I were both on the electric carts for disabled patrons. As my sis was going down an isle, this lady and her hubby dashed in front of my sis and almost ran her over. The lady looked at my sis and let out such a barrage of foul language that I bet would make a sailor blush. She called my sis the f word and much more. She said she wanted to slap the s*** out of her and my sis said, "Well if you want to chance it, I am very capable of getting off this cart and knocking you out!!" That cracked me up. Go Sis. I told the lady she was just too rude to be allowed outside. Lady continued griping even after her hubby told her to just shut up.
I just couldn't believe that it really happened. Whew!
Ok I feel better now and am done with my venting. Thanks so much for your time. :P

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