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Sunday, April 23, 2006

disappointed but busy day anyway

Well as most of you know, I am owner of and one of our members is Rho Cox. Her daughter Amanda died from leukemia and our group helped Rho thru that hard hard time. Just like all of you helped me get thru losing my grandson Dennis.
Well Rho is visiting her Mom and is only an hour or so away from me and we had made plans for her to come visit me today. Then during the night her Mom got quite sick and spent the night in the hospital but is now back at home resting. So the visit had to be postponed for another day.
So what did I do? Ha, well my granddaughter Olivia and I went to Yardbirds and got some metal fencing to go around the bottom half of my big porch. Thats to keep my doggy dog on the porch this summer. Now I can use my porch like I want to and not have to worry about Num Num running loose like a wild thing.
Oh and then we went to Hancock Fabrics and picked up some fabric for lining for the two purses I am making. Got the taupe one started already. That's it in the photo above.
I got some D rings and some magnetic snaps, to put some closure and some handles on the purse. I looked but couldn't find the plastic handles that the pattern calls for. But the pattern calls for ribbon yarn and I am using Suede Lion Brand Yarn so go figure.
What do ya think? I bought some black suede to make a black one for me. I can't wait to get to the little flower! I love the shiney beads in the middle of it.
Oh and you know what else I got at the fabric store? I got a Knit-Wit, and a Doodle-Loom and a wonder knitter!! I have never even see any of these in a store, lol you can tell I don't go shopping very often. yep I do most my shopping on line.
I'm going to use the wonder knitter to make handles when I do a felted purse. I have 10 skeins of wool yarn baa baa baaaaaing it way to me as I type. So more felt stuff on the way. weeeeeee

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