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Friday, March 31, 2006

Up late with ideas running thru my head

This is Javie, my grandson. He is almost 4 and has the most vivid imagination. I never know what he is going to do. Here he is with and ace bandage wrapped around his head, held together with one of my hair clilps. He is hoding the vacuum cleaner hose in one hand and my picker upper thingie in the other and those are his guns. See the boots on the floor? Yep, he wore those over here. He is telling me to get my hands up. then he sang the Cops song, yhou know the one, Bad Boys Bad Boys, what cha gonna do, what cha gonna do when they come for you!!
Yep, it's late, 4:33 am and I am up here with all these ideas running thru my head. I have always known that I am a night person but since I stopped working and started going to bed at night instead of work, I forgot about it.

There are all sorts of things I want to do. Here are just a few of them.
1. design a felted purse
2. design and make a crocheted or tied beaded friendship bracelet. with some blue beads.
3. start a sweater for Mia
4.clean up my yarn stash and my puter desk. that idea has been running thru my head alllll day. I want to move things around and vacuum and then shampoo the carpets and then arrange my yarn stash in a better way.
5. I want to get rid of a lot of patterns that I have that I know I won't ever make and if I do finally want to make one I know I will find the pattern somewhere again. sheesh. why do I print out all these patterns anyway? why???? Cuz I need to that's why.
6. Give my doggy a bath soon as it gets warm enough. He really is starting to smell like a doggy expecially when he goes outside and runs around in the wet grass and then comes running in and comes to me for some doggy hugs!
Oh remember the doggy hand puppet I knitted the other day? Well I wrote out a crocheted version of it and made it and am having a tester test the pattern for me. Then am going to use said pattern in a crochet along in my groups.
Also want to use the felted purse pattern that I design in my group as a crochet along.
So see these are just a few thought running in my little brain right now and I really really want to go to sleep but hubby gets up for work in an hour so I am going to be sweet and not bother him my flopping in bed and waking him up. (sweet wife that I am)

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