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Friday, February 24, 2006

It's a Friday kind of Day

Yep it is a real Friday kind of day here. I am just chillin here in my jammies and it's almost 12 noon! I got the doggies taking a nap and the tv on some silly show.
In my BearsEtc4Kids group I have thrown out a challenge to all members to make a square a day and send them to the AFAProject (AfghansforAngels) This is a great organization and I feel it needs some new exposure in all the groups. just go to and check it out for yourself. I know you will feel the need to do something for them too.
They gave my grandson Dennis an afghan when he was in hospital with leukemia. He used it everyday. It made him feel good to know that peeps he didn't even know had love for him. That's what the kids need, to know they are loved.
Dennis has been gone for 2 years now but I think of him every single day and miss him big time.
Have you all seen the site? Man I thought that was a place for school kids but I see that even adults are putting there selves on there. I know my girl Rue did, along with her sisters. hmmmm. cool I guess

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